OGA- Global Oil and Gas Subscription Services

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Publishing Date : 09-Jul-2019

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  • Global oil and Gas Subscription Services

    Global Oil and gas industry annual subscription from provides access to 11 databases including Exploration, Production, Refinery, LNG, Oil and Chemicals Storage, Pipelines, Market Intelligence, CAPEX, Tankers, small LNG and Trade.

    Operational and planned Infrastructure, trade analysis and competition across 100+ countries for each segment across the value chain is analyzed. Our proprietary databases use sophisticated forecast modelling methodology to provide comprehensive and reliable analysis for your decision making needs.

    In addition to access to 11 databases, users will also receive 60+ country oil and gas reports, presenting the detailed analysis of trends, drivers, challenges and unmet demand in each market to 2025. Amidst recovery from several challenges confronting the oil and gas industry, these reports presents detailed insights into critical short and long term factors set to shape the outlook.

    Scope of Data and Analysis included in each database-
    • Exploration and Production
    • Refinery
    • LNG
    • Storage
    • Pipelines
    • Tankers
    • CAPEX
    • Market Intelligence
    • Small LNG

    Key Benefits:
    • Access end-to-end data on entire oil and gas value chain
    • Make data driven decisions with confidence in current fast changing complex market conditions
    • Beat competition through understanding their investments, planned projects and new initiatives
    • Spend your time on value added decision making instead of focusing on core data
    • Evaluate product supply and demand fundamentals and outlook across countries
    • Make long-term investment decisions in new capacity and infrastructure